Question of the day; What are the characteristics of the perfect seller?

In my humble opinion, the perfect seller possesses the following qualities;

1. The perfect Seller understands this market is not the same as the market a few years ago. The price of a home today will be less than it would have been a few years ago. In the Lake Minnetonka area homes are still selling for higher prices than in some areas but the prices are still behind the prices of two years ago. If sellers could understand this situation is would be beneficial to all.

2. The perfect seller hires the real estate agent based on their ability to sell a house, not on suggesting to list it for a very high price. When you as a seller meet with a realtor®, don’t pick the one who tells you your house will sell for a very high price. That agent may very well be trying to “buy” your listing by telling you something that you really want to hear, but may not be accurate. Pick the one who has had the most experience helping people buy and sell houses.

3. The perfect seller will understand that every house needs to be staged. As one seller I am working has stated; “As soon as the for sale sign goes in your front yard, it is no longer your house.” This seller gets it. He and his wife have recently staged their house and I bet it will sell in the near future.

4. The perfect seller will be open to price reductions when necessary. It is best to price a house just a tad under the competition in today’s market. That way buyers have a great impetus to buy your house. There are so many buyers just kicking tires, it’s amazing. However, when they see a house priced at a value, they will make an offer. When the house has been on the market for 30 days or 10 showings and no one has made on offer, it is time to lower the price.

5. The perfect seller understands the real estate agent has to pay for all of the marketing out of their own pocket, not the company’s pocketbook. So when the house isn’t selling and the agent is no longer putting ads in all the papers on a weekly basis, instead of demanding more marketing, please understand its probably more about price and a slow market than it is about marketing.

6. The perfect seller has a sense of humor. Even in this challenging market, it is still possible to have some fun when selling a house. When a seller can roll with the punches, and laugh a bit along the way, it makes our job so much more rewarding!

7. The perfect seller thanks us for our hard work. Most people have no idea how much work goes into selling a house. When you get a glimpse of all the work, please take a minute to acknowledge it to your real estate agent. Thank you!!!

Virginia Lord

Raising the Bar in Real Estate

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